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Euro Alliance Video Informations.



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For European Operation, freight and passenger. 

Description of the layout, website and You Tube adress:




Suivez notre ligne européenne, trafic marchandises et voyageurs au travers de 4 chaines YouTube .

Explications; Avec des amis Anglais et Français qui vivent en Europe, nous avons crée Euro Alliance Vidéo. Les vidéos sont filmées sur nos réseaux respectifs et sont mises en ligne grâce à nos chaines YouTube. Elles représentent des échanges marchandises et circulations voyageurs entre l' Irlande du Nord, l' Angleterre, la France et l 'Espagne


 La description des réseaux de trains, les adresses des sites internet ainsi que les adresses YouTube sont ci dessous. Bonnes visites.



 stroley international  (england)


Stroley International

is an amazing 'modern image ' layout situated in  a purpose built garden shed. The layout has been constructed by the charismatic Mr "Stevie B" a very well known figure in the world of model railways. Stevie has a large and faithful following on You Tube. You will never be bored with the video selection on this channel, Stevie has a large collection of both modern and preserved trains. I am sure that you will be very impressed with the thought and effort that Stevie has put into this layout, especially the themed running nights when he runs trains from a particular era and uses a very clever timetable. Check out his web site and be prepared to spend a few hours browsing  a very interesting, informative  and entertaining site.    



Website 1:
Website 2:

You Tube:

Hillside Central Railways  (Northern Ireland)



An excellent DCC controlled layout featured on an interesting and informative web site.  This is a large layout that has many excellent features including four stations, one being a large terminus; a container depot; a cement quarry and various sheds, sidings and a tunnel.  Sam's YouTube channel is also entertaining and addictive.

It is also part of a new partnership between Stroley International, Portland Grove, and Falconstower TMD which helps Anglo / Spanish / French & Northern Irish trade and relationships.

Stevie B.


You Tube :

Website :

Falconstower TMD / Villefranche .


Member of the partnership, Gérard, is owner of the delightful EWS "outpost" near the French / Spanish border close to Perpignan.  This serves the partnership well with refuelling and servicing facilities at Falconstower TMD en route to / from Portland Grove and Stroley International .

Stevie B.

You Tube :

Website 1:


portland grove (spain)

Portland Grove
is a huge complex layout currently under construction in sunny Spain. Andy, the owner of the layout is hard at work ( he's not retired ) and spends as much time as he can trying to finish this massive undertaking.  The layout is on different levels and uses the "helix" system to move trains from the lower levels to the higher levels and Vice-versa. The collection of trains at Portland is again very impressive, with the majority of rolling stock being of modern origin, some British and some European.
Progress on the layout can be followed on You Tube .