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EURO ALLIANCE VIDEO 2016/ 2017/ 2018

31 Janvier 2016   By BB 67407.


Hi E Gentleman,

here you can find the first 2016 Euro Alliance Video. Enjoy.


12 fevrier 2016 By Hillside Central Railways


This is the first EAV from my new channel. It shows a heritage train arriving from "Villefranche" and a cement train leaving for "Portland Grove" in Spain. Stroley International is under going repair work and is being bypassed for the next couple of months but it will be open for business by the summer.


16 fevrier 2016 By Hillside Central Railways.   Cab View of Illside



Class 37 travelling from the Intermodal yard on the top level and ending up in the marshalling yard on the lower level. The camera is from Branor Systems and I think that it's very impressive and worth every penny but unfortunately it shows up all the 'bad bits'.....Still loads of work to be done as can be seen in the video. Every time you hear the 37's engine stop and go quiet for a few seconds it's because of the reverse loop sections, I don't know how to cure it but it's not too annoying.


18 fevrier 2016 By  BB 67407.


Hello E Gentleman.

Here you can find the first part of "Euro Alliance Video 2016 Focus"; The "Spanish Connection".

Euro traffic for and from Villefranche/ Falconstower TMD (France) and Portland Grove (Spain). Enjoy..............

To follow, Part 2 (English Connection) and Part 3 (Irish Connection). 


31 mars 2016 by Stevie B


An imminent house move necessitated the demolition of Stroley International as it was a layout that was built to never leave home some eight years ago.

A great shame as a strong loyal following had built up throughout its life. For that I thank you all. Special mention must go to the good friendships that have built up between our Euro Alliance E-Mates, Andy, Gérard, and Sam, long may this friendship flourish.
Just before the layout demolition commenced, I filmed a “final video” which fittingly features the last Euro Alliance trains to & from Stroley International. Following that video I have included stills of the demolition.
Those of you of a nervous disposition had better not watch that final footage !!
I have shed my final tear now for Stroley International but keep watching this space as the Phoenix may possibly rise from the ashes


25 juin 2016 by BB67407                           Special Focus / Irish connection.


27 Novembre 2016 by BB 67407                                  Special Focus / English connection.


22 Janvier 2017 By BB67407                                   First 2017 Euro Alliance Video.


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