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Mars 2015: Portland Grove Winter session , Part 1, 2 and 3.     

Filmed by Stevie B in December 2014 (Portland Grove location, Spain), MCgomez441 Driver ..

Part 1  Portland Grove Winter session 2014/2015 


Stevie B came over for a visit back in December and this is his video of some of the continental stock on Portland Grove.    Andy.

Part 2   Portland Grove Winter session 2014/2015


Another Stevie B production from the 29th December session but this time a good old BR blue workout (except the class 58).  Andy.

Part 3   Portland Grove Winter session 2014/2015 


Here is the last of 3 videos filmed by StevieB of a running session during Febuary 2015 at Portland Grove.
It is initially a BR blue era set up but with some Spanish and French traction sneaking in towards the end.

There is some pre 1977 Western action and a 1980s Large logo class 50 both with sound fitted.
A rattly old DMU leaving the south bay platform and arriving in the northern bay platforms.
Move forward 2 or 3 decades and a First North Western class 150 stops on the northbound slow platform. (I´m still running this one in for you Rob!!)
A flashback to the 80s and an HST giving it some welly leaving southbound.
Fast forward to the 90s and a loadhaul 60 pushes an inspection saloon. down grade.
Back to the early 70s and a Blue Pullman on the high level line whilst a Western comes off the slow lines with a northbound parcels service.

In the blink of an eye you´re now in Spain watching a GM class 333 accellerating a Talgo III set up the bank away from the fiddle yard.

All of a sudden you´re back in Blighty watching a lone Deltic pass a Western on the viaduct (A common occurance in the 70s!!) and some more Hoover and Maybach action.

Then a trip to France to see a Europorte Euro 4000 loco on a container train.

Jump over the border to Spain once again to see a class 321 ALCO on a train of vans (oranges and onions for Paddock Wood I believe).

Finally the Blue Pullmann stops at Portland Grove on a southbound service.

Thanks to StevieB for the video.

Notes of interest.
Some work has been done on the station canopies. Andy.

Part 4   APRIL 2015  By BB  67407.


Hello ! After three exellent video produced by the tandem Stevie B/ Mcgomez 441 in Spain in December;
Here a new EAV; differents trains in Villefranche/ Falconstower TMD, from and for; Stroley International, Portland Grove , Glebe road junction and Loch lomond. Enjoy.


Part 5   APRIL 2015    By BB 67407  
Hi E gentleman, in november 2013 ( )




Hi E gentleman, in november 2013 (

an exellent Spanish mcgomez441 Loadhaul video (Portland Grove/ Murcia aréa)  is on line.

Are you ready for the French part 2 (Villefranche station/ Falconstower TMD aréa) ?  



Part 6  july 2015   By BB67407.


Hi E gentleman, here you can find, the End of the "Container Affair", thanks to Interpol and International Police.

Enjoy.  Gérard. 

Part 7  October 2015   By BB67407 


Hi E Gentleman, i'm back, this was a while that I had not posted video. Here you can find my latest Euro Alliance Video, "October Edition". Enjoy. 

Part 8 October 2015   By Stevie B



Hi and thanks for viewing my latest video upload.

This is my latest European Alliance Video in which Stroley International, Portland Grove and Villefranche / Falconstower TMD "share" trains that we "send" each other.
This video sees a Western hauling a Pullman set arrives at Stroley International from Villefranche only to be despatched with the return service later. The "56" and Blue / Greys head for Portland Grove in Spain and the "66" hauls a long international freight through to Loch Lomond (France).
Thanks for immersing yourselves in our little world for a few minutes.





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