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European Operation Video  October November 2012

 It has been a long time coming, but here is a new Euro Alliance/Partnership video.
A class 60 is seen leaving Portland Grove with a rake of Talgo stock bound for Villefranche/Falconstower.
Other motive power, such as a RENFE 333 on hoppers, double headed 20s on a rake of sealions and a 47 on PCA cement tanks can also be spied.


The Loadhaul class 60 and his rake of Talgo 3 finally arrived at Villefranche. Correspondance for Stroley International is provided by the legendary VSOE hauled by a class 67 VS. You can see also a double headed BB67400 with wagons for the Spanish border (Portbou) and some beer wagons for Portland Grove (near Murcia/ Spain), a TER from Montpellier to Cerbere / Portbou, and finally a Loadhaul class 37 with three EWS sliding van for Craven Arms Railway (near Shrewsburry)
Enjoy it ! Gérard.

The third and final part of this Euro Alliance video can be seen here.
Originating at PORTLAND GROVE Spain, and travelling north to the Spanish / French border at VILLEFRANCHE / FALCONSTOWER TMD, the passengers swapped to the plush Pullman surroundings of the VSOE stock for the rest of the journey to the UK.
Entering Great Britain via the Channel Tunnel with 67014 at the helm, the train took the GLEBE ROAD JUNCTION avoiding lines as that partner is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment, continuing to the destination of STROLEY INTERNATIONAL.. HILLSIDE, Northern Ireland is the normal northbound destination but, like Glebe Road Junction, HILLSIDE is also undergoing a major refurbishment.
This video shows the VSOE arrival on the "Down Main", being held for the passage of a speeding "UP" Thalys set before being allowed across the station throat to the terminating platform 2. After some thirty minutes, the local Cotswold Rail 08 picks its way from the yard line across to platform 2 and, amongst the intense passenger services, manages to hall the stock and loco back to the Fitzwilliam (off-stage) yard where it was stabled and serviced
Thanks for viewing this video and please do visit the other partners' channels and websites, their links can be found elsewhere on this page. Stevie.


Bonus Video by TIM / Craven Arms Railway (European Operation Alliance Friend).

Loadhaul class 37 with three EWS sliding wall vans from Villefranche arrives at Craven Arms. Also on this train a Volvo excavator on a EWS flat wagon that was picked up from a work site down the line where new ditchs had to be dug due to heavy rain this past week. A DRS class 66 is also seen passing Craven Arms with empty petrol tankers on it's way to Spain.

Hope you enjoy ! Tim.


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