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The First Video : Hornby "Hitachi" Javelin 395

The first trains under the new partnership agreement are seen departing.
With PORTLAND GROVE undertaking a track rationalisation during circa 40C degrees on the Costa Blanca, Andy has requested a "support train" and the Fat Controller at Stroley International has the release papers to sign.
With HILLSIDE CENTRAL, Sam is finalising a contract to run a High Speed Limited Stop service between Northern Ireland and Stroley International.

The "support train" departs from Stroley International destined for Portland Grove carrying pipes / track sections / cement / booze & bottled water. As we've had more that a few drops of rain in the last few days at Stroley, a tank-tainer of water to help the Murcian oranges ripen to harvest is also included. Also in the consist is a returning empty tank of the "Lindeven Liquid Lemon" concentrate for refilling ... pretty please.

For HILLSIDE CENTRAL , the final dotting of the "I"s and the crossing of the "T"s in the contract that will see a new Javelin service, initially with South-Eastern stock, commencing between BANBURN STATION at Hillside and Stroley International. Initial trials are commencing between both of these stations, with the first of these trials leaving from Stroley's platform 1 after the International freight has cleared the station throat.


Javelin class 395 approaching Banburn station at the end of its journey from Stroley International. This is the first train exchange between the new Anglo,Spanish & Irish partnership.









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