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 The Class 37 Preservation  Annual Historic tour   

The Class 37 Preservation Society's Annual Historic Railtour this year ventures into Europe. In conjunction with the European Partnership, this tour, originating at HILLSIDE in Northern Ireland, will feature all four partnership layouts on the way to the rail tour destination of PORTLAND GROVE on the Costa Blanca, Spain.


video 1 hillside central  northern ireland

Class 37 run by the "Quarry Station Preservation Society" makes it's way from Banburn station hauling six BR blue coaches with members and enthusiasts on board. first stop will be "Strolley International" then onto "Falconstower TMD" and it's final destination is "Portland Grove in Spain. SAM.



video 2  stroley international  united kingdom

he tour has now crossed into England via the Irish Sea Tunnel and can be seen in this video at STROLEY INTERNATIONAL where a scheduled leg stretching stop of an hour also includes a loco change. This manoeuvre can be seen interspersed with other station arrivals and departures before the on-time departure of the Railtour from platform 6. From Stroley International the tour heads south. It will traverse HS1 and the Channel Tunnel then the participants will experience a leisurely trip down through France to the Perpignan area where a trip round VILLEFRANCHE will also be included prior to a stop at the EWS outpost near the French / Spanish border called FALCONSTOWER TMD. STEVIE B.


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video 3  villefranche / falconstower tmd france

After starting its journey a coupkle of weeks ago in Northern Ireland on the Hillside Central, the class 37 Preservation tour passed through Stroley International (England) and Falconstower TMD (France) before reaching Portland Grove in Spain. ANDY.




video 4  portland grove    spain

Quite a few different liveries have been seen via various loco changes en-route. Unfortunately the Loadhaul 37 that departed the south of France last week had some problems and was deemed a failure and the back-up pairing that were due to head the return leg back to the UK had to take over! (Unfortunately that is the only true part of this story as my Loadhaul class 37 didn´t work!) Atleast this gave the Thornaby pairing of 37501/502 a run out. ANDY.


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