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European Operation February March 2012

Loadhaul class 60007 departs Portland Grove on the PCA cement train.
Destination for this train will be Falconstower TMD, Stroley Internacional and Hillside Central.
Please watch out for the arrivals and departures at the following You Tube sites. Andy.

After Portland grove near Murcia Spain , the cement train arrive in Villefranche station. After refueling at Falconstower TMD, it's a class 50 that supports the cement train, direction the channel, then UK and Stroley International. Gérard.

This freight train started as a cement train from Portland Grove to Falconstower TMD and has continued its north bound journey through France to the Channell Tunnel. At Dollands Moor freight terminal in Kent, the cement train has been re-marshalled and is now destined for other more urgent projects in the South East. The loco attached at Falconstower TMD, 50015 Valiant, was also commandeered at Dollands Moor to haul an urgent container train to Hillside (Northern Ireland) via Stroley International.
Here at Stroley International it is now in the wee small hours and a loco change is needed. An additional loco will be added to the consist in the form of 57602 Restormel Castle, which is scheduled to appear at an Open Day at Banburn station at Hillside, this service's destination, later this day.

This video shows the preparation of the two replacement locos, the arrival and subsequent departure of this truly international freight service.
The arrival at Hillside can be viewed in Part 4.Stevie.

This is the final chapter in this latest offering from our 'European Partnership' The journey originated in 'Portland Grove' Spain and then travelled to 'Falcons Tower' France. After various changes to the locomotives which is covered in video No.3 the train has finally arrived at Hillside Central from 'Stroley International' England.  Sam.



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