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Eu Op August September 2011

Freight train going to Spain. First stop will be Stroley International for an engine change, then it's off to France were refuelling will take place at Falconstower TMD. The last stage of the journey will be to Portland Grove in Spain.


Originating from HILLSIDE in Northern Ireland, a loco change stop is made in one of the "through roads" at Stroley International amongst the intense passenger services. Picking his moment carefully, the local "Fat Controller" sets the route for the loco swap, and eventually the container train is signalled to continue on its way. HS1, the Channel Tunnel, FALCONSTOWER TMD (an EWS outpost in south-west France) will be visited before reaching PORTLAND GROVE, the train's destination in Spain. 


The partnership train " Hillside Central/ Stroley International/ Falconstower TMD/ Portland Grove" Trip. In this part, the couple of class 67 refueling at Falconstower TMD (France), then final direction to Portland Grove (Spain).


This is the arrival of the container service that originated from the Hillside Central, changed locos at Stroley International and refueled at Falconstower before changing to a couple of Spanish locos at the border.
The containers were unloaded just before they got to "The Grove" and are seen tagged onto the back of some empty wagons on their way to be reloaded.


September Bonus Video by Sam.

Cement Train leaving Hillside quarry bound for Portland Grove in Spain. First stop will be Stroley international in England followed by Falconstower TMD in France for an engine change and then on to its final destination in Spain. Sam.





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