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European Operation August 2012

This is the latest "Partnership" video, well strictly half a partnership video!! It only features two members, Stroley International and Hillside Central.
It's a topical video featuring a scenario from the Olympics.
Banburn Stadium at Hillside Central, Northern Ireland is an Olympic Games outpost and is playing host to one of the minor sports at the 2012 Games. Three special rail services are taking contestants and officials to the Games and are seen en-route running non-stop through Stroley International in spare paths.
These "specials" consist of a Javelin unit (oh very topical!!) running from Ashford International with Team GB (South-East) aboard; a London Midland 350/1 from London Euston for the Team GB (London) and an FGW HST from Bristol Temple Meads for Team GB (South-West) contestants.
As they have now passed through Stroley International, with any luck we should also see them arriving at their destination which is Hillside Central station,Stevie.

This is Part 2 of our latest 'Partnership' video showing trains which have originated in England, namely Ashford International, Bristol Temple Meads and London Euston.They then passed through "STROLEY INTERNATIONAL" to continue their journey through the Irish sea tunnel to "HILLSIDE CENTRAL". The main purpose of these trains is the ferrying of athletes and officials between the Olympic game venues. Be sure to watch Part One showing the trains travelling through "Stroley International" the link is below. Many thanks to Matt for helping me with the sound effects, check out his channel "rachelmatt" for excellent quality videos.  Sam.



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