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August 2011

.Formation of a train that transports water bottled " Eau du Boulou" at Ceret station, then direction Murcia /Portland Grove (SPAIN) .  
.Passage of a red and silver Talgo passenger train ( Montpellier- Murcia) at Villefranche station.


The Talgo from Villefranche arrives at Portland Grove with a Spanish class 333 diesel on the front.
Shortly after, the "Eau de Boulou" arrives from Falconstower and gets held at the back of the station to await the departure of the Talgo onwards to Stroley International.
Once the Talgo clears the station throat, the Class 319 GM engined diesel takes the crossing over to the mainline and heads for Hillside. The 319s are a relation of the Irish 071 class.



The Transfesa " San Miguel beer train" Spain/ Northern Ireland, (Portland Grove/   Falconstower TMD/  Stroley International/  Hillside Central), change machine In Villefranche station.


The latest "Partnership" train, originating in Spain, had its first loco change at Falconstower TMD. The consist, after being re-marshallled at Dollands Moor, receives another loco change in one of the centre roads at Stroley International. There must have been a big party at Portland Grove, the San Miguel wagons are full of empties!! The eventual destination for this booze train is Hillside Central in Northern Ireland. That is where the new Javelin service originates which is also seen in this video. Here is one of the South-Eastern sets on one of the mileage accumulation / testing run. 







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